Our place

Best place for hot summer nights and days

Food and drink

At our restaurant you can enjoy meals from our daily menu or choose a la carte. All the meals are prepared daily from fresh ingredients. At the bar you can choose fresh lemonades or long drinks and of course beers and kofola on draft. At our ‘malý bar’ you can enjoy ice cream or delicious ACAICO and other delicacies.

Whether you come to enjoy in our activities, or just lie down in pleasant enviroment, you will certainly like it!


The wakeboard cable tow is open from 9:00 am till nightfall. During the main season beginners can ride for free every tuesday and thursday from 9:00 am till 12:00 am, until they do a whole lap. For all riders we have special a morning ticket, for just 15€ from 9:00 am – 12:00 am during work days. You can also rent all the equipment (wakeboards, wakeskates, neoprenes, helmets, vests) at the wakelake shop.


Flyboard is available as well – the one and only, fascinating, waterjet powered flying board anyone can use to fly above the water. We’re offering beginners training as well as an extended Flyboard rental.

Beach Volleyball

News on Wakelake: Beach volleyball court, which is available every day and even in the evenings as we have lightening. Our volleyball court meets all the requirements for international beach volleyball rules FIVB, so it can be also used for professional tournaments.

Stand up paddleboard

Stand up paddle board or SUP is a new and entertaining easy sport, which you must try. SUPing consist of standing on a big board and paddling, it gives you the feeling of walking on water. We have available 9 SUPs so you can go for a romantic date as a couple or for a crazy ride around the lake with your friends.


aWake movie was shot in our area. Check the teaser, it’s cool.

[A]WAKE teaser #1 from [A]WAKE on Vimeo