Last chance to save on season ticket

Thursday, 2nd May 2013 11:49

First testrides are planned at the end of this week, official opening sometime near Eastern.

Last chance to save up on seasson ticket for last year price (650€), only untill end of March. Beginning April, price changes to 690€.

New option is to buy and rent equipment and services trough Quatro. Only thing needed is your ID card.

Our uptime nearly doubled since last year. We have two new season tickets, bathrooms and changing rooms. We didnt close for private group even once and were only four days closed due to technical difficulties. We want to continue with bringing only the best experiences to our visitors, to finish what we started last year and even add something more. For seasson pass owners, we would like to reserve some time intervals, when cable is just theirs to use. We believe these changes are for the best and hope you will like it and enjoy yourselves in our Wakelake.