Pin-up And Sailor

On this evening we will be transferred into 30ies in America, full of swing and beautiful pin-up girls waiting for their seafarers. We’re terribly looking forward to this Party and believe it to be a success beyond all expectations as all our girls are extremely beautiful and our guys drink like sailors. We will dance to DJ SPIN play with a great saxophonist.

Men don’t have to dress up like pin-up girls if they don’t want to. if nothing else then at least wear a striped shirt and tattoos anchor mandatory: D

And for those who doesn’t know what are we talking about, here is short summary:

Pin-up Girls
Style, which enjoyed its popularity to the American era of 50 – ies. After all, we all know luscious pin up girls of advertising Coca Cola. They usually curly blonde hair, blue eyes and very, very sweet beautiful smile. In the 30 – ies, however, were “hidden”. There wore mostly black, shorter curly hair, boa, red lipstick and very provocative clothing. No wonder the company was quick to condemn them, because they were slightly lascivious and then society as immoral. I can not deny that they were not. But their style and fashion and behavior are still worn. Christina Aguilera became very fond of them as well, because his entire double album Back to Basics linked to this style. And she looked just like Pin up girl :)

The maximum popularity pin up style in the 30s shows starry cartoon character Betty Boop, who designed just for this style-less has black curly hair, big innocent eyes, and especially red lips with fuller figure, mini minidress, boots and heels. Last but not least, the famous suspenders. This is pin-up!