Challenge No. 1 – 67th National run Devín – Bratislava

The Summer of Challenge has begun on Sunday 13th of April, when the Wakelake team accepted the Challenge no.1 and ran amazing over 11.5km at the running competition Devin-Bratislava. The national run has celebrated its 67th anniversary this year and it is one of the oldest athletic competitions in Slovakia. The first Devin-Bratislava was organized in 1921 and the length of the run was slightly different back then. The length of Devin-Bratislava was changing over the last few decades to be finally set at the current length – 11 625 meters.

The Wakelake team – i.e. the best team ever – consisted of 20 people and all of them attended the adult category, even though few of us wished to run short 2km run in children category. The atmosphere at the running competition was amazing, the screaming and supporting audience was pushing the runners to run even faster that they had ever imagined. All people from our team finished the run and many of them fulfilled their goals (e.g. not to pass out, haha) and hit their personal records.

Our team was perfectly organized by Veron – from team T-shirts to transport (and warm up), supply of water and fan club at the finish line.

If you have missed our first challenge, don’t worry the Summer of Challenges has just begun. Challenge no. 2 is on 4th of May and we will be running for people who aren’t able to run by themselves. Wings for Life is a run for a good cause organized worldwide (you start running in the same time as thousands of other people in different countries). So, do you dare to join us?