Wakelake Challenge no.2 – we ran at Wings for Life World Run

Wakelake team attended another challenge on Sunday 4th May 2014. This challenge was about running for a good cause. Our team attended Wings for Life World Run. This run was organized to help those who are unable to run and money from this competition will be donated to spinal research and curing spinal cord injury.

Wings for Life World Run is really interesting not only for its noble goal, but for some other fun facts, too. It is ran in 35 countries on 6 continents and everyone starts at the same time (10.00 UTC). We started luckily at 12 pm in Slovakia, but for instance the competition begin super early in the morning in the USA or at 8pm in Australia.

Another interesting thing was that this competition didn’t have a finishing line in the end. There was no fixed end, the finishing line was chasing you. A car representing a finish line left the start 30 minutes after the competition began and its speed was 15 km/h. The runners were running till the car reached them.

Our Wakelake Challenge no. 2 team consisted only of men this time and they faced tough weather condititions which was not for wusses. They ran in the cold weather against the strong wind (Murphy’s law – you always run against the wind) and yet, all of them hit their personal records and every single runner from our ran more than 18 km.

A big thank you belongs to our Wakelake beauties who helped with organization, gave our runners team t-shirts, took care of them and waited till the end of the competition guarding their belongings and constantly chearing them.

If you have missed Wakelake Challenge no.2, don’t worry, Challenge no. 3 will be coming soon.