What is the


Flyboard is the one and only, fascinating, waterjets powered flying board anyone can use to fly above the water. We’re offering beginners training as well as extended Flyboard rental.
Riding is fairly easy, much the same as with riding bicycle, surfing, skying or any other activity that requires a bit of stability.

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Flyboard can try anyone, so we had to ensure they are up to the task. We have some safety rules. Everyone trying Flyboard for the first time have to pass Flyboard – firsttime training from our personel.



First fly is for 45 EUR and involves safety and operational training, all needed equipment and 15 minutes of flying.
After you pass firstfly, another 10 minutes of flying are for 25 EUR.

Wakelake is Flyboard official distributor and reseler. For info please write to or call 0904 506 040.