Stand-Up Paddle

What is it

Stand-Up Paddle board

Standard equipment consists of a long voluminous board that can be compared to windsurf or longboard and a paddle. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) was established, in the cradle of surfing – Hawaii and its authors are probably surfers who tired of waiting for waves.

How does it work

Riding on the paddle differs from the surfboard. You are not lying on the board and paddle with hands until you catch a wave. You are standing or kneeling and propelling yourself with the paddle. You don’t need an ocean. You can ride on every lake, river or even swamp if it is sufficiently deep and the water in it will float. SUP is a great means to relax but it’s also good training. Not really a CrossFit leven training by far, but you will practice many muscle groups and strengthens posture.

What do you need

Swimsuit or neopren, board and paddle.

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First time SUPing

If you are not sure of your balance, we recommend to start gradually – first sit down, then try kneeling to finally stand.

1h of paddle board costs 5€

What’s new

Swimsuit or neopren, board and paddle.

Great news for all SUP fans! For the season 2016 you can buy yearly pass. It can be used throughout all year, every single day, one person for one hour a day.

SUP yearly pass costs 120 €