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Wakeboarding is something like snowboarding on the water. Like water skying, you’re pulled by boat or wakeboard cable. In addition to the snowboard looks, there are many more similiar things, like doing tricks and jumps. This sport started simultaneously in different places. It’s history starts in 80’s, when surfers tryied to figure out just how to ride without the necessity of waves.
Some of them chose to ride behind boat, some were pulled by car riding along the coast. In wakelake, we have cable.

Wakeboarding and wakeskating is quite popular worldwide and two of actual world master riders are from Slovakia. They of course ride in Wakelake too.

What is


Wakeskating is similar sport to skateboarding, the only difference is that you don’t ride on the road but on the water surface. Wakeskaters can ride at the cable, behind the boat or Jet Ski or behind winch. They performing tricks like skateboarders, for example shove-it, ollie or kick flip. They don’t have any bindings, like on snowboard or wakeboard. They just stand on the board.

At wakeskate category we have best world riders in Slovakia such as Zuzana Vrablová who won the World championship as well as European championship and young, promising Julius Lang who won European championship twice in row in junior category.

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Slovak national team

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Slovak national team is very small but much more powerful. Our team consist of four riders who brings medals from all around the world. These are the names well known in wake world: Zuzana Vrablová (wakeskate) from Piešťany, Radko Hradil (wakeboard) also from Piešťany, Miroslav Hríbik (wakeboard) from Košice and Július Lang (wakeskate) from Seňa.

Zuzana Vráblová (25) 4 times World Champion, 2 times European Champion and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place at The Wakeskate Tour in USA and Canada. This is our best rider in wakeskate.

Július Lang (18) 2 times European Champion, 4 times Slovak Champion and 3rd place from World Championship in 2014, these are so far successes of this young and talented guy.

Radko Hradil (17) Slovak Champion 2014 in junior category, 2nd place Wakelake Golden Trophy 2014, 3rd place Wake Control 2014, 2nd place Slovak Wakeboard Cup 2014 and 1st place Slovak Wakeboarding Cup 2015. Radko is our growing star.

Miro Hríbik (32) World Champion 2015 in masters category, 10 times Slovak Champion, 6 times GP Mastercraft Champion is our rider with most medals.


BWC team

Starting from season 2015 we also have a local team. Local riders get chosen into the Bratislava Wake Club team based on their results or talent shown in previous season.